How to get started building an online business as a creative

Do you have an idea but are too scared to say it out loud? 

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Rachel D.
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Miles knew he wanted to build his own brand and work for himself one day, but he had a lot of ideas and wasn’t sure which one to start with. Today he has landed his first paid client and has a clear brand purpose and business model. His website copy resonates with his ideal client and he understands how to use content marketing to continue to grow.
Sophia was a successful fashion-tech founder, but struggling to get her next venture off the ground. She’d forgotten who she was and didn’t feel proud of her achievements. After just a single session together, the revenues in her new venture hit an all-time high. Today she is living a life of joy on the Cote D’Azur, celebrating her achievements, and making an impact doing work that lights her up.
Kristina spent years thinking about an idea for a novel but could never find enough time to sit down and write it before we started working together. Today she has a first draft, the confidence (and the exact language) to pitch agents, and a community of creatives supporting her artistic journey.
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